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At Pagoda Yoga, we aim to provide classes for every level, tailored to the needs of our students. We keep class sizes small so that each student gets the attention they need and deserve. Our variety of classes gives all students an opportunity to explore different modalities of movement and find what sparks joy for them.

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Pagoda Yoga Services

Livestream Yoga

Livestream Yoga

You will have access to daily live yoga classes. All the live classes are recorded so you can practice at your convenient time.

Unlimited Streaming On-Demand

Unlimited Streaming On-Demand

500+ On-Demand Classes Stream unlimited yoga classes. From 5 minutes to 45 minutes yoga and fitness classes are on demand.

Virtual & In-Person Yoga

Virtual & In-Person Yoga

Our Pagoda Yoga teachers help your physical well-being and mental health

Virtual Corporate Yoga

Virtual Corporate Yoga

Online corporate yoga classes with PagodaYoga offer new and accessible teaching methods that you can access from your office. The yoga and fitness classes are live & interactive, where you participate in real-time through Zoom.

Yoga Retreats


Join the Pagoda Yoga community on an adventurous journey that will heal & nourish your soul.

Live Class Schedule


9:15 am - 10:00 am ET

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Many Levels

From gentle Hatha to vigorous vinyasa, we have something for everyone, including the fitness buffs in your life.

Pro Instructors

Our instructors have impressive accreditations from well-known institutions and a passion for sharing their craft with the world.

Quality Content

Every class is carefully designed and sequenced in a way that makes the most sense for the minds and bodies of our students


Lea Ladouceur
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My first introduction to Hye Yeon Lee of Pagoda Yoga was in her yoga class she instructs at LA Fitness in Whitby. Her class was highly recommended to me. While I continue to attend LA classes, I have enrolled in her online yoga sessions, subscribe to her youtube channel, and attended her Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica (loved it). I started attending because I needed extra stretching for recovery from many hours of endurance sports but continued to attend because of how fantastic I felt leaving the class (more balanced and peaceful) and how wonderful Lee’s instruction is. Her classes are very well attended because Lee is genuinely interested in her students, able to guide students through her flows easily, making yoga feel accessible for all levels. She is positive, engaging and has a lovely personality. I like her class rituals, like choosing an intention for the class to take into the day and greeting our neighbouring class yogis, and group ‘sounding of Om’. Pagoda Yoga’s on line classes are fantastic for the convenience (perfect for an evening session which helps me sleep better) and I enjoy the different challenge type classes she uploads such as ‘core challenge’. If you are looking for a yoga instructor or yoga studio – Pagoda Yoga is recommended.
Lorri Bygrave
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I started taking Lee's class at the gym about 6 years ago. I was very new to Yoga but thought I would give it a try. The line up for her classes was so long that I would go 30 mins earlier just to get a spot. The class did not disappoint. I loved how calming Lee's energy and class made me feel. Regardless if you were new to the practice or had been practicing for years there was something for everyone. I loved how she guided everyone through the class based on their abilities, giving variations and a hands on approach if needed. 6 years later I still love getting on the mat with her and my fellow yogies weither it be in person, online or on special outings at the park or the beach. I needed to learn how to slow down and find time for me. Taking Lee's classes has helped me do that and in the process has done wonders for me and my body. Thank you Lee. Lorri
Kifle gebre
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Yoga practice with Lee @Pagodayoga is, hands down, one of my favourite activities. She is one of the best in her craft. Give it a try. You will not regret it. ☮️
Andrea riekstins
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Pagoda Yoga holds an especially sweet place in my heart. Hye Yeon Lee, the owner is an amazing bright star in our community. Yoga instructed by her makes me feel amazing everyday so I cannot wait to get down on my mat and experience the well rounded structured and passionately planned yoga classes. Yoga gives me hope, makes me stronger and flexible inside and out. I highly recommend her classes to anyone any age. You will cherish the moments yoga will give you. Love to all. Andrea
Ji Hye Choi
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All great energy! Hye Yeon is an awesome yoga instructor and overall a graceful influencer. I attend her class every week, and that is the best time of my week. She always teaches me a lot more than expected physically and mentally. It is an honor to learn from such a great yoga teacher.
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I recently joined Pagoda Yoga (the online lessons) and I am enjoying my journey. Hye Yeon taught me to make time for myself and her lessons are always very welcoming and inspiring. You can tell Hye Yeon is not only very professional and hard working, but extremely thoughtful to meet all the needs of her students. I always feel happy and energized after each lesson. Even if you miss a live class, you can watch the live stream at your convenience if you are a member, so I would highly recommend for people with busy schedules, too.
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Lee is an excellent teacher. Her classes are energizing and fun. I also really like the meditation at the end, it leaves me feeling very relaxed and centered. She lets you know how far to go in a pose if you have injuries/weaknesses, which is really helpful. She will re-position you to help you get that extra boost from a pose! Highly recommended!
Kristine Talman
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I first met Hye Yeon (Lee) about 3 years ago and was immediately hooked on her teaching style and her beautiful spirit. She is so caring and thoughtful and joining her live and recorded classes at Pagoda Yoga have made a world of difference to my overall wellness, especially over the past year. Thank you Lee for providing such a wonderful "space" to practice yoga!
Carly McInnis
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PagodaYoga is one of the best places I have ever practiced yoga. Lee provides beautiful guidance with an environment filled with love and gratitude. She is so talented and can adapt her practice to any level of yogi whether beginner or advanced. PagodaYoga genuinely wants to see their people succeed and with their guidance it's almost guaranteed!
Richard Kilanski
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Life is certainly a whole lot better with Hye Yeon Lee. You can participate with Pagoda Yoga live daily classes, or practice all the recorded classes. That combination of classes allows me to have control and flexibility to create my own personal routine under Lee's careful step by step guidance. In each class, Lee talks you through the flows. Teaching as well as educating you on each pose's importance to your muscular and skeletal body. And I really love the detox series this month. This so far, is the best investment I have ever made to live a happier and healthier life. Namaste Richard kilanski
Cristina Cristea
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Yoga with Lee...what an amazing journey, what a great experience with a very talented guide. During this challenging times, Lee is here for us, caring for our physical and spiritual well being day by day. Evey class is special, my time on the mat with Lee, enjoying every movement, every challenge and her words of wisdom. Thank you Lee for being so special! Namaste!💕🤗
Ahn Anna
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Having wonderful yoga experience from a caring, patient and amazing instructor, Hye Yeon. She is a truly devoted and knowledgeable instructor with many years of experience! Great for beginners and experts alike. They have well instructed programs in both online and in-person sessions.
Barry Hum
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In these interesting times, there is more of a need to exercise with complete: mind, body and soul. Lee at Pagoda Yoga understands the environment we are in and knows what we need for our Yoga practice. From beginner to long practising expert, she delivers on what's needed to maintain: "flow", fitness, flexibility and vitality.
Julie Thorpe
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Best classes and instructor ever. Taking private classes here has helped me deal with many injuries, manage a difficult pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. She is able to work around many abilities, pains, and conditions. She's also a bright shining light who glows with positivity and empowers her students.
Kaydene Campbell
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From the moment I met Lee I was excited to work with her. She is very patient and understanding. Her interpersonal skills are wonderful. I look forward continue working with her. She is the best instructor I've ever had and I've being around the block.
Абдразакова Любовь
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Amazing classes with a wonderful coach. I've known the coach for over 3 years. Professionalism and a sensitive attitude towards students are guaranteed. Yoga can be your all your lifestyle!
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Lee is such a well trained yogi. No matter what yoga ability you have, she will accept it and help you find the best version of yourself!!
JoAnne Sheridan
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Absolutely life changing yoga classes. Can’t get through my day without Lee! 🙏❤️ …
Sarah Kim
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Vinyasa Yoga for the first time over 60! I thought yoga was just a common sport, but I met teacher Lee Hye-yeon and learned that yoga is a training that brings the body, mind, and soul together. While practicing yoga to explore myself anew every day with a good teacher, I was sad that I couldn't practice in person because of Covid-19, and I had time to practice together every day through the Internet I am happy to be able to do it while sweating as if I am training face-to-face with the teacher and other yogis. Experience Vinyasa Yoga, which can train different body parts every day, as a moving meditation. I would like to thank Professor Hyeyeon for providing a wonderful and professional yoga practice that strengthens core muscles and improves flexibility for everyone, including those who sit all day, exercise muscles, joggers, and bikers. I hope many people will experience this wonderful time and space together. Namaste🙏
Euna Ritter
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My friend who loves yoga so much, teacher Hyeyeon! Yoga, which seemed too static and boring... Teacher Hyeyeon, who guided me into my life. Me, who cannot go anywhere due to COVID-19, is my friend who is changing my body and mind little by little through online 1:1 training. They compliment me well 😅 They make yoga easy to access in Korean and English... I love it!! Hyeyeon's love and passion for yoga changes me😘

It’s all about
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Hye Yeon Lee has over 10 years of experience practicing Yoga in Asia.

She is a certified yoga instructor, and is a certified masseuse, giving her a deep understanding of how the body moves.

She believes Yoga is the way to live a happier and healthier life and has learned to embrace herself and others through yoga.

Yoga has also taught her to stay balanced, how to understand people, and how love herself, and be relaxed. 

With a major in Contemporary dance, she loves to blend the feeling of dance with Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

“I hope to share my practice with you and guide you to live a happier and healthier life”.



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